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Deck Management[edit | edit source]

  • Only upgrade common cards. They are easier to find and cost much less resources to upgrade. The thinking is that if you use upgrade items on a legendary card, you may have to wait a significant amount of time to find the duplicates required to upgrade it further, making the card pretty much obsolete until that happens. Learn which common cards are strong and focus on levelling these instead. Use reddit and discord to understand the current meta and invest accordingly, particularly in a few counter cards to the most widely used characters.
  • Each deck only allows two themes so choose wisely based on the meta and what is most fun to you. Invest your resources accordingly. Different themes require different items, so focusing on two also creates a stock pile of resources should the meta shift, or you want to try out a different theme.
  • Aim for an average energy close to 3. Anything below doesn’t pack enough punch, and anything above is simply too pricey. Don’t rely too heavily on tanks and only select one per deck. Otherwise, you risk slowing your attack potential to crawl because a tank’s stats are very low apart from HP. Have a couple of ranged units to inflict damage from behind the safety of your front line tank and fighters. Place them behind your new kid but don’t rely too heavily on them in sticky situations because their damage output is limited. Basically, their utility comes from sustained damage over time rather than quick bursts.
  • Spell cards are your friend. Have a couple in your deck to clear out an advancing swarm of low HP enemies or a headhunter getting close to your new kid.