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Introduction[edit | edit source]

1800 PvP Tickets for 2250 Coins

  • 1 PvP Ticket = 1.25 Coins
  • 4 PvP Tickets = 5 Coins.

Coins[edit | edit source]

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Cartman's shop1.jpg

Coins are found in lockers and Packs. Cartmen will exchange these at his shop for cards and Upgrade Items. Don’t buy full stacks of upgrade items or cards because the cost rises incrementally with each purchase. Coins are also used to upgrade cards, though the amount needed for each upgrade rises in conjunction with a card’s rank. Keeping a nice stock of coins for card upgrades is therefore highly recommended. Only spend them at the shop if you need a crucial card or item to complete an upgrade.

It is tempting to spend cash on gold coins. They are an important in-game currency used to upgrade, as well as purchase, cards and upgrade items from Cartman's Shop. So why not get more? It simply isn’t worth it. Gold coins are a very common form of loot obtained for victories and as part of free packs. The game offers a steady flow of coins but not of cash, so spending a rarer commodity for a more common one simply isn’t sustainable or economical. The occasional purchase of coins to fund rare items required to upgrade a specific card is entirely acceptable. Just don’t buy more coins than required. If you desperately need coins, use PvP Tickets.

Cash[edit | edit source]

See also: Cash

South Park Phone Destroyer rewards player with three different types of currency; gold coins, in-game dollars and PvP tickets. Here we will focus on in-game dollars. The main source of cash is completing levels in the single player campaign. Most of the lockers at the end of a fight offer a cash prize but only a small amount. You want to get the most out of your dollars given that accumulating a large amount without forking out real money can take some time. The difficultly is knowing when to spend them to get the best possible return. The in-game dollars equate to real-world currency that the game occasionally gifts to players. In other words, the best way to look at it is to view in-game dollars as top-tier and gold as lower-tier. Lets walkthrough the various spending options.

PvP Tickets[edit | edit source]

See also: PvP Tickets

PvP Tickets are found in lockers after PvP victories or in free PvP Packs obtained after destroying 5 phones. They buy cards, upgrade items, coins and outfits from Butters. As with Cartman's shop, don’t buy full stacks due to the incremental costs. Focus on higher tier upgrade items and rare cards you might need for a specific upgrade.

+1 Locker[edit | edit source]

See also: +1 Locker

Hitting the extra locker button is so very tempting, particularly if you’ve pulled a mediocre set of lockers and there’s a great card amongst the best loot. Everyone wants an instantaneous second chance but it is best to stay clear. The main reason for this is that the price of an extra locker increases incrementally. Say you tap it once and are unhappy with the result. Tapping it again incurs a cash cost that is more than double that of the initial retry. This is not a very economical way to get loot as you tend to spend more than you actually get out of it in the long run. Doing so for lower tier cards is a waste because more often than not, these cards are available in the daily free packs. A bit of patience leads to the same outcome.

The only viable scenario is if the best loot includes an epic or legendary card needed to upgrade a card that is already part of your deck. Higher tier cards are hard to come by, making the $2 price a rather attractive proposition. But as above, falling down the slippery slope of continually hitting the +1 locker button inevitably leads to your stock of dollars dwindling rapidly. At a push it is acceptable to buy an extra locker if you’ve pulled three awful lockers, but don’t be tempted to unlock anymore as it is a big risk.