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Premium Card Packs[edit | edit source]

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Bronze Card Pack

The bronze upgrade item pack is a rather alluring proposition given the scarceness of the higher tier resources. Added to that is the difficulty in landing on the right locker if it does happen to appear in the best loot list. Logic would therefore dictate that this is a responsible use of dollars. The 500 coins included in the pack backs that up as well. However, the issue lies with the break down of items inside any given pack. The game tends to pull numerous copies of basic resources such as the ancient fossil or the very common indian feather, but rarely comes up with the rarer iterations. Furthermore, the need to specialise a card through an upgrade to a given type like Fantasy or Adventure, means that many items in a pack may be totally useless as specialities required specific item varieties. The $150 spent present a risk and one that rarely works in the player’s favour. In some early game instances, the selection of items inside a pack may more or less suit your needs, so the purchase is more viable, but at higher ranks the need for rarer upgrade items make them too much of a gamble.

Silver, Gold and Rainbow Card Packs

The allure of rare and epic cards make these packs rather attractive but don’t be fooled, the price in cash is simply too exorbitant to justify. Starting out, an epic card is a powerful tool that can easily win many a battle, yet as you raise your rank, it will lose a lot of its potency, at which point an upgrade is required. Upgrades require duplicates and finding multiple copies of a legendary or even epic card is extremely difficult. This means you could be stuck with an initially great card that just becomes obsolete the more you play. With this in mind the 2500 dollars spent on a rainbow pack isn’t worth it.

Overall, it’s a question of looking at the card pull in premium packs, the ready-availability of coins, and the random nature of locker retries, then weighing them up against the relatively safe, and cheap, option of a PvP pack refresh.