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Alien JunkyardComplete Episode 4 - "Alien Junkyard".
Avenues of RageDefeat 100 Single Player Levels.
Battle AddictWin 2000 PVP Battles.
Battle BornWin 1 PVP Battle.
Battle HardenedWin 10 PVP Battles.
Battle LegendWin 500 PVP Battles.
Battle MasterWin 150 PVP Battles.
Battle VeteranWin 50 PVP Battles.
Beat'em Up BadassDefeat 10 Single Player Levels.
Card CollectorCollect 15 different cards.
Card ConnoisseurCollect 50 different cards.
Card HorderCollect 100 different cards.
Chow MeinSpend 10,000 tickets at Butters' shop.
Crispy DuckSpend 1,000,000 tickets at Butters' shop.
Cyborg Command CenterComplete Episode 5 - "Cyborg Command Center".
DolphinSpend 10,000 Cartman Coins in Cartman's shop.
Dragon PassComplete Episode 9 - "Dragon Pass".
Elven SanctuaryComplete Episode 11 - "Elven Sanctuary".
FeatherweightReach Rank 3 in PvP.
Gay FishSpend 1,000,000 Cartman Coins in Cartman's shop.
Grand Wizard's CastleComplete Episode 12 - "Grand Wizard's Castle".
GuppySpend 100 Cartman Coins in Cartman's shop.
HeavyweightReach Rank 40 in PvP.
Indian SummerComplete Episode 1 - "Indian Summer".
LegendReach the Legendary Rank in PvP.
Level 4!Get a card to level 4.
Level 5!Get a card to level 5.
Level 6!Get a card to level 6.
Level Three!Get a card to Level 3.
Level Up!Level up your first card.
LightweightReach Rank 10 in PvP.
Many Moon's StrongholdComplete Episode 2 - "Many Moon's Stronghold".
MasterLevel up your cards 200 times.
Max Level!Max out a card... you crazy bastard.
MinnowSpend 1,000 Cartman Coins in Cartman's shop.
Mystical AwakeningComplete Episode 6 - "Mystical Awakening".
Ninjew HideoutComplete Episode 8 - "Ninjew Hideout".
Prawn CrackersSpend 100 tickets at Butters' shop.
SenseiLevel up your cards 100 times.
Simpsons did it first.Defeat 1000 Single Player Levels.
Sweet n Sour PorkSpend 100,000 tickets at Butters' shop.
The Cyber-GhettoComplete Episode 3 - "The Cyber-Ghetto".
The ElectrocutionerKill 100,000 enemies with your phone zap.
The Holy RoadComplete Episode 7 - "The Holy Road".
The Orc PitComplete Episode 10 - "The Orc Pit".
TrainerLevel up your cards 50 times.
Upgrade ExpertComplete 100 Card Upgrades.
Upgrade ExtremistComplete 1000 Card Upgrades.
Upgrade FanaticComplete 500 Card Upgrades.
Upgrade ProComplete 25 Card Upgrades.
Upgraded!Upgrade your first card.
WelterweightReach Rank 25 in PvP.
WhaleSpend 100,000 Cartman Coins in Cartman's shop.
WontonsSpend 1,000 tickets at Butters' shop.
X2 DragonDefeat 500 Single Player Levels.
You Killed Kenny!You Bastards!
You're really good at this!Level up New Kid for the first time.
ZapperKill 100 enemies with your phone zap.
Zip ZapperKill 1,000 enemies with your phone zap.
Zuper ZapperKill 10,000 enemies with your phone zap.